Letter to my 13 year old self

Dear Angela,

You know that girl that always chases you after school?  She is not worth your time.  Take a different route home.  Walk with a group.  Tell a teacher.  You don’t have to let her get to you.  She has no business touching you.  You do not deserve to be treated like that.

Don’t you know that you are so pretty?  You are talented too!  You have way more going for you than you realize.

The words hurt too don’t they?  Hair pulling and bloody lips are physical pain, but I think the emotional pain can be worse.  No one can actually see that. No one can see how your heart feels, can they? So you just keep pretending that it doesn’t hurt.

Do you make other kids feel the way they make you feel?  I bet you do without even realizing it.  Maybe you could think about how they make you feel, and try not to make them feel that way?

God has an exciting life planned out for you. So you hang in there!  There is a man growing up just a couple towns away that is being groomed to be your husband some day.  You’re going to have a home in the country!  You’re going to have a wonderful church family.  You have much to look forward to.  So keep pushing forward and don’t give up, okay?


Your 45 year old self


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