Bullying – Let’s take a stand for all the ones that can’t.

I am so sick of hearing about all the bullying going on in our society today.  It seems like every kid is bullied these days at some point in their young life.

This past weekend I read a story about a young boy that lost his life following a beating he received on the playground at his school.  You can read about it here; http://tiny.cc/3zohtw.

I heard a song today that I think every young person should hear and really take to heart.  Please take a listen and share it with anyone you know that could use a lift.  If we all work together – we can literally save lives.  http://tiny.cc/t4ohtw.

I plan to use this page to life up an encourage victims of bullying.  You will read testimonies from kids who have endured and become stronger through it.

Who do you know that we can help?

Ashley was bullied.  Ashley has cut, and she contemplated suicide.  She is a survivor. And you can be too.

Take some time to listen to this song by Brit Nicole


Take heart and know YOU are loved!



5 thoughts on “Bullying – Let’s take a stand for all the ones that can’t.

  1. Bullying is a problem that is affecting kids off all ages from elementary school up. Schools and communities say and advertise that they are being proactive in aiding those who are being bullied and going after those who are doing the bullying. I know that this is not true. I know of one school system that is disregarding reports of students being bullied, even when hard evidence is presented, and is telling the student and their parents that they are blowing things out of proportion and just looking for attention, and has gone as far as siding with the kids doing the bullying. This same school system had two students take their lives, and who knows the countless number of others who are cutting or having psychological problems because of the endless bullying. How many more kids have to take their lives before schools, the community, and society in general accepts that this is a problem that needs to be taken care of.


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