Couponing is fun! Here’s how to start……

The first thing to do is friend “Passion For Savings” on facebook. This site is awesome. She does coupon matchups each week based on the upcoming Sunday inserts and sales at each store. Look for a coupon database and see what inserts will be available in the paper (some weeks there are NO coupons and some weeks there are tons). If you want to get extreme – buy more papers. Here is a link to this week’s coupons (this is a good week to get a couple papers!) Passion For Savings also has a Couponing 101 class for free on her website.

The other facebook page that I use is “Heavenly Steals”. She is really good about posting freebies and deals. Both of these pages also allow you to subscribe to newsletters to be delivered via email. There are a lot of couponing pages on facebook – just look for what works for you. With Heavenly Steals I have scored free panties – free razors, free lotions, lots of stuff – and not junk – good brand name items! She will also post Facebook deals that pop up – just be sure to jump on them as soon as you see them because they usually go fast.

Go to the websites of your favorite brand names (Olay, Shick, Campbells……) Often times they will have promotions and printable coupons available on their site. Printable coupons are all over the internet – just do a google search for them. I use Redplum, Smartsource, and Proctor & Gamble. These sites are the same companies that produce the Sunday inserts – so I know that their coupons are not fraudulant.

I do not stock pile due to space and the fact that I don’t see a reason to do that. But I have been able to get one product ahead of our toiletries so that I know we will never run out of anything.

Phew! That’s a lot of info – but there is a lot more. Just ask me anything – I will help you all I can!

Keep watching for more posts on couponing and organizing!


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