The North Sea, More Food, and Whatever else I feel like posting

Well – I just realized that a lot of the pics in the last post were already posted – so since I have time – I am going to do a random post of some other things we did on our trip.

We went to the North Sea, a very interesting place. When the tide goes out – it goes out miles. So all that is left is mud – lots and lots of mud. There are actually tour guides that will give “mud” tours. This is because if you don’t know what you are doing – you can get stuck when the tide comes in. Here are some pictures of Ashley enjoying the North Sea Mud.
Then there were the festivals and again – the food. Here is a picture of me in a Drindl eating some sort of fish at a Bavarian Festival.
Angela Fritsch
It was really good! Can you tell?
Here is Judith playing barmaid.
Of course we couldn’t resist this photo opp.
And I think this pretzel is actually bigger than Ashley’s head!
And last but not least here is Josh eating a Feuerwurst at a winefest. This was something that he was told he HAD to try. I think he liked it!

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