Germany Part One

Ok Folks – here we go. Part one of our adventures ensues.

When we arrived in Germany, we were exausted and could not WAIT to get off the plane. We expected to go through a customs check, get our luggage, go through another customs check, and hopefully leave after that. Well – there was NO customs check. Nothing. We got our luggage and we left. CRAZY!
After some looking around and feeling a bit lost – our hosts appeared. Simon was on hand with his papparazi skills, but all the shots are still on his camera. Judith had the same beautiful smile as always with a tongue piercing added to the mix. She also went blonde on us.
So after we got something to eat – we headed out into the European world.
After about an hour of travel – we were greeted with this – cool huh?

Turns out Judith’s boyfriend, Nico, has access to this awesome antique VW Bug Convertible. So we were chauffeured the rest of the way to Judith’s home in this beauty.

Judith’s home is beautiful. The homes in Germany are very old – some as old as 500 years. This is a shot from the street of Judith’s home.
The next several pics were taken during a walking tour of Judith’s town. The name of her town is Mainstockheim and it is located in Bavaria. It is a very typical German town.
That’s all I have for now. I have so much to share – I need to figure out the best way to put it all together. Stay tuned!

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