I DO have a life in Montpelier!

You might think that my life revolves around people from Germany. And honestly – over the last year it has. But lately I’ve had time to re-group and notice what’s going on right here in my own little world.

The most significant of these is a certain 11.999999999999 year old that lives here. She is blossoming into a very cool, compassionate, creative, rocker chik! AND she can out run her entire 6th grade class!

Ashley has had many looks in her young life – the most recent of which is “rocker preppy with a twistAnd OMG – U R SOOOOOO going to love this look! (that’s Oh My Goodness for all you non-texting people who like to communicate with actual words!)

Check out the “Ashley’s many looks” pics! (that last one is the current look – yes – that’s RED!!!)


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